Circular Cities Tour


The five winners of the 2014 Nudge Leadership Challenge (Best Young Leaders in Sustainability) have travelled across Europe by train with a special mission: They have connected and shared knowledge, expertise and networks, giving circular economy in Europe the next positive impulse and engaging the next generation. 


Nudge_icons_green dot - group 5.png  5 Young Leaders in Sustainability

Winners of the Nudge Leadership Challenge '14

Nudge_icons_green dot - city.png  7 circular cities

With interesting sustainable initiatives

Nudge_icons_green dot - calendar.png  10 days

Touring by train to explore the within the cities

Nudge_icons_green dot - bulb.png  20 initiatives

With innovating ideas to boost the circular economy

circucit.jpg circucit2.jpg


The five winners of the Nudge Leadership Challenge 2014: Matthias Veltkamp, Isolde van Meerwijk, Rob Jetten, Thomas Hermans and Marloes van Kats

Making the circular economy tangible

As true Nudge ambassadors of circular economy each one of them 'adopted' a city and focused on circular initiatives within their city. They were accompanied by journalists for continuous media coverage and representatives of the Nudge team. Also, circular economy experts were welcomed as guests during the journey. The goal of the Nudge Explores Circular Cities Tour was to make various forms of circular economy tangible and inspiring to a wide audience and to engage young future leaders.