Country Support Partner: Danone


For Danone, healthy food begins with healthy nature. Their main approach within sustainability is to fight climate change, protect water resources, transform waste into a resource and to promote a sustainable agriculture. The group holds top positions in healthy food through the businesses Fresh Dairy Products, Baby Nutrition, Waters, and Medical Nutrition.


Nudge_icons_green dot - group 5.png  8 Young Leaders in Sustainability

Sponsored by Danone in 2014 and 2015

Nudge_icons_green dot - city.png  2 countries

Participants from Egypt and United Arab Emirates

Nudge_icons_green dot - biceps.png  Company impact

Inspired employees to change business for the better

Nudge_icons_green dot - compass.png  Permanent change

New friends, knowledge and inspiration that last a lifetime


Empowering talented professionals

In 2014, Danone already underlined its accomplishment towards a more sustainable world by supporting four young professionals to take part in the Global Challenge. Last Challenge, again, four participants from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) were sponsored by Danone. One of the participants sponsored by Danone in 2014 is Omar Monsif. Inspired through the Challenge, he is now working on a waste management project to transform waste packaging material to water distillation units that provide underprivileged people with drinking water.



The Nudge Global Leadership Challenge was a life changing experience. I got connected with young professionals, social business entrepreneurs from different backgrounds, cultures and mindsets, all working towards the same goal of living in a better sustainable world.

Omar Monsif - Danone Egypt